Investment Approach and Portfolio

LINQ's focus is on strategic investments, alliances, and collaboration with companies in and around the Asia-Pacific region in the New Media, Digital Media, and Emerging Media space.

LINQ prefers to explore businesses that have a regional or global reach, with robust operating and financial track records, and with technologies that are not only sustainable, but also could provide areas for value-added, cross-pollination between and among its portfolio of businesses.

In certain instances, LINQ will likewise jointly explore, partner, and/or co-invest with other institutional investors, and private equity and venture capital funds, in and around the Asia-Pacific Region, in some deals and projects, depending on the deal size and complexity.

On December 2007, LINQ made its first investment by acquiring 30% of a Philippine bank called Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank. LINQ's investment was meant to capitalize on Malayan Bank's mobile banking and digital distribution channel of financial services in the Philippines and in the Middle East and other countries where there are burgeoning overseas Filipino workers' markets.

On December 2009, LINQ acquired a majority stake in Megamobile, a mobile content and applications developer and aggregator focused on delivering services to mobile communities. LINQ expects to capitalize on the synergies between Megamobile's new and compelling digital services using cross platform technologies and the Inquirer Group's reach and reputation in the media sector.

On December 2012, LINQ advised the Inquirer Group in the creation of a joint venture company called Inquirer Catalyst Media. Inquirer Catalyst Media provides out-of-home audiovisual network information system that integrates global positioning system with a passenger information system. The Inquirer Group aims to expand its touchpoints with new audiences through Inquirer Catalyst Media.